What Teens Are Saying

I look forward to JSU every Thursday morning. All the Jews come together. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve broadened my Jewish awareness. I know more Jews. JSU gives you an outlet to celebrate and learn about your religion. It gives you an opportunity to talk about it. If it were not for JSU no one atmy school would utter a word about being Jewish.” – Joseph N., Centennial HS
“JSU has become such an important part of my life. As a freshman I never thought I would be the one trying to get new kids to come to the club or talking to people about my summer in Israel. Without JSU I would not have Judaism in my life at all.” – Emily L., Chattahoochee HS
“JSU is a fun place where I can do cool Jewish activities and have fun with my friends and meet more Jews. I wouldn’t have as many Jewish friends with out JSU.” – Elyse B., Johns Creek HS
“JSU is like my comfort zone at school. It’s a place where we can feel like family and come together. It’s about everyone learning more about Judaism and having a good time.”– Justin G., Northview HS
 “JSU is the best way to learn about your Judaism in a school environment that is informal and not pressured. It’s provided an easy way and available resources for all public school kids to learn about Judaism and gain Jewish knowledge after we have passed bar and bat mitzvah.” – Tammy B., Riverwood HS

“Before attending JSU I did not have a lot of Jewish friends and did not know a lot about Judaism. Since I started coming I have learned so much. JSU is great for meeting other Jewish teens in my school, so I no longer feel alone. JSU helped me realize I was not the only Jewish kid at my public school.”– Shelley H., Northview HS

 “I live in an area where Jewish life and people are sparse and it has been hard for me to be proud of my heritage because I always felt lonely being Jewish.  This all changed thanks to JSU at school because I found that there were more Jewish teens in my area that I could hang out with and that understood me and my religion!” – Mark I., Chattahoochee HS

“JSU is a chance to meet other Jewish teens just like you. It’s a chance to be part of a community and makes me feel less alone. It expands my social network and is a place where I can meet and become friends with the Jewish teens that go to my school.” 

– Tiran G., Johns Creek HS


“JSU was a great experience and changed my life. It opened me up to more Jewish things that I would not have known or seen had I not joined.”

– Kenny L., Chattahoochee HS



“Joining JSU has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have made good friends and have been able to meet the Jewish kids in my school. I have also learned a lot about being Jewish.”

– Jonas K., Riverwood HS

“It is totally worth it to get up at 6:30 am to go to JSU. I have made a lot of Jewish friends and find everyone there really friendly and accepting. I always wanted to know more about being Jewish and at JSU I finally found a place where I can ask and get answers.”  – Lila B., Centennial HS

“Words cannot describe what I get out of JSU.  JSU is a big family. I feel at piece and at home there. I met many of close my friends there. As a leader JSU gives me a sense of accomplishment. JSU makes me feel more Jewish and want to go back to temple.” 

– Aaron M., Northview HS


“Being part of JSU is truly a life changing experience. I have made good friends and reintroduced Judaism into my life. It’s helped me become a leader. JSU is part of my identity. At school people know me as the JSU guy. I hope that every Jewish teenager will get to be involved in as great of an experience as JSU.” – Jonathan H., Johns Creek HS
“JSU is a great place to learn and teach others about Judaism. JSU enabled me to become a leader. Teaching my friends has made my commitment to Judaism stronger. JSU is the only Jewish place at school for teens.” – Aaron M., Lakeside HS

“JSU is a way we can stay to close to and bond with our Jewish classmates. A lot of people would have a lack of Jewish education without it.  It’s nice to have a day once a week to think about on my Judaism. I love going to JSU, its a great way to bond and connect to Judaism, and it is a lot more enjoyable than going to temple.” – Lindsey R., Centennial HS